***A day of Defence***

***A day of Defence*** Writer:Maria irem We often think why do we celebrate defense day in particular? This question often comes into my mind and I am sure it will definitely come in your mind as well. What’s the point of celebrating this day? Why is it important? What are Continue Reading


The first month according to the Islamic calendar- Muharram, meaning forbidden, illegal, prohibited, unauthorized, banned, barred, unpermitted and even taboo. A month in which warfare is also forbidden, as it is considered to the second holiest month after Ramadan because of Hazrat Hussain (R.A). Muharram is a month of worshipping, Continue Reading

٭٭٭چلتے ہیں تو خلا میں چلیے٭٭٭Let’s go into space***

٭٭٭چلتے ہیں تو خلا میں چلیے٭٭٭ تحریر:صادقہ خان تلاش و جستجو اور کرۂ ارض کے نئے علاقوں کو مسخر کرنے کا جنون روز اول سے انسان کی فطرت کا خاصہ رہا ہے، انگریزی و اردو ادب کی پوری تاریخ کھنگال ڈالیے، ہر دور میں سفر نامہ سب سے زیادہ پڑھی Continue Reading

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