***غزل*** مدتوں بعد آج نیند جو مجھ پہ مہربان ہوئی  تو دیکھا میں نے اک ظالم سی انا پرست لڑکی چہرے پہ سجائے بے رخی مصروف ہے کچھ مگن سی ہے کانچ کے کچھ ٹکڑے اٹھانے میں زخمی ہاتھ ہیں اذیت ہے آنکھوں میں مگر وہ ظالم لڑکی جھولی بھر Continue Reading

Teachers Are Blessings

By Our Intelligent, Quick Writer Annum Shabbir For PaperCastles-Pakistan Digital Magazine Teachers are Blessings Luminous litter, lush lamps, Blessings upon blessed brains. Gardeners they are, ploughers they are, Constructors they are, instructors they are, Preachers they are, Teachers they are! Opting their passion over positions, Resting their wrists over roosters, Continue Reading

The Girl Child

Once Again Annum Shabbir Is here to Welcome you with her poetry on PaperCastles Pakistan Digital Magazine The Princess Child That fairy with pink kissed plump cheeks, Wrapped in her silk fleece and flain flurr, Her hands like a cotton clump, and her lips like a rose bud, Sweet and Continue Reading

I Love You So Much Baba

I wrote this poem For an E-Magazine No sharing here on PaperCastles©Pakistan Digital Magazine I love so much baba I still remember how you loved me, When I was just of a few years And you hold my hand to make a dua, I used to sit on your shoulders, Continue Reading

Happy Belated Birthday Wish, PM IK

We are here to wish our Prime Minister Imran Khan Happy birthday but late to wish him We are in hope that this will reach him. Annum Shabbir wrote in on-demand of PaperCastles© Pakistan Digital Magazine Birthday Years, years ago when there was a rival, Of tyranny, of tears, of Continue Reading

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