You would probably be thinking of the topic after reading it. It’s obvious from the name that one gets curious to know what it actually means. Story of three cats adopted by a generous human named Mikkel Marquard in Denmark. He is a 27 years old guy who desires to be a doctor and the best dad to these kids.

Let me introduce you with them.




  1. Nelly: the almighty blue eyed fur queen, who was adopted by the owner by surfing internet. The shy baby took a little time to adjust with the new members but their love made her comfortable and friendly.

She was born on October 10, 2015 which makes her 4 years old. She weighs 3.3kg but looks huge due to her fur. This cat is commonly known as rag doll, the furriest and friendly cuddling partner. Missenell is the official Instagram account named after Nelly and the whole thing started with her.

  1. Gilbert: the blue eyed Bengal cat, born on December 4th, 2016, which makes him 3 years old. He was also adopted through internet services. He is weak by birth and still on medication as he is suffering from incurable heart disease. Doctors have given him the time period of 10 years and he is striving hard to fight for himself

.He is the most beloved servant of the all mighty queen and best friends with her. You can say, incomplete without each other. Gilbert weighs 6kgs.


  1. Nala: hazel eyed from the lion king movie, was rescued by gilbert in between the meadows. The kitten was a bit injured and terrified. Therefore, the owner brought her home and looked after her for a while. She was so skinny and had a trauma on her spine but after visiting vets and taking proper care of her, she is totally fine now.

Nala is going to turn 12 weeks old now and weighs 1.15kg. Mikkel had no intention to adopt her until he saw the other two cats getting comfortable with the kitten and had to adopt her therefore.

Love for animals and protection comes from within the heart. Not every human has the intensity to adopt pets and take proper care of them and fulfill their needs. The bonding between the cats and the owner leads us to a lesson that everyone should learn.

Treating them right or serving them won’t harm you strength. Animals, indeed are a positive energy for any human.

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