Pak-Irish Omelet

Welcome Everyone Specially Food Lovers, Today I will tell you the recipe of cooking Mine super tasty, healthy, yummiest omelet.

Yes, it is.

I was super excited when preparing this and after tasting it was super yum.

Now, come to the recipe then let me to know that how you feel.

Pak-Irish Omelet



Potato Medium Size (Cut like Finger Chips)

Onion chopped

Egg 2

Soya Sauce > A few drops

Salt > To taste

Red Chili Flakes > To taste

Cumin Seeds > A pinch

Green Chili chopped

Spinach chopped

Cilantro(Coriander) chopped


Take a frying pan.

Pour oil in it. I prefer olive oil for medium heat.

Turn the flame on.

Add chopped onion to fry till golden color.

Then add chopped green chili, one tea spoon cumin seeds, salt & balck pepper powder to taste, chopped corriander and fry for one minute.

When prepared set aside and fry potatoes in that pan without washing. It will take some time to ready potatoes.

Beat the egg in a bowl with 3-4 drops of water & cumin seeds. It will make you feel the omelet fluffy when you fry it.

Grease the washed frying pan with some oil and fry Omelet.

Now when everything is ready take a medium plate put omelet on it and fill it with potatoes msala and wrap it.

It’s ready to eat.


Aids in weight loss.

Keep you fill for long.

A healthy nutritious breakfast.

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