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My Note For You

Before starting your weight loss journey, you have to know that losing weight is a difficult task but not impossible. It's not easy to achieve a dream body. Here are no magic pills, quick fixes & meal replacement shakes for this purpose. I will not lead you to crash diet. If you are in a hurry then don't do it, first do something else then come again. If you want it, you will find a way otherwise you can excuse. It will take time to lose those extra pounds of your weight, so be patient and stable.

Clear Concept

First know why are you doing It? Why do you want to lose weight? Will you keep on your track? Can u do it? If you know the reason, You will get the result. Your weight affects you in many ways like your self-esteem, health, mentality, physical activities etc. Before start any plan consult your doctor or physician. You have to change your food manners, social behaviors, lifestyle and physical activity levels. Try to lose 1 pound per week or 1 kg per month as international standards to lose weight. Choose your plan wisely, stomach and mood friendly, healthy satisfying. If you cannot follow a plan for you desired weight then doesn't do it or don't follow it. Going on & off with same diet plan will lead you to yo-yo (crash dieting). Don't eat for your moods but for your life and health.

Since You Are A Beginner then Your Ultimate Guide

"Weight Loss Coaching is not an easy task. No one will guide you enough to become your own coach as I'm guiding you briefly"

Key Notes For Successful Weight Loss

1. Setting Goals

It is very important to set a goal to reach towards your destination because it is totally useless to start a plan without targeting it. First think that you want to lose weight then take a decision to set a short-term goal for getting start, so that you can achieve it easily and can say "Oh, YEAH" I did it. Share with your family, friends & colleagues to get motivated as sometimes it creates happiness and boosts our mood to stick to our goals. While making goals keep this thing in mind that goal should be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and time-bound, so that you can check you level of progress.

2. Set Reminders

Now after setting goals it is important you to set REMINDERS that will make you remember about your targeted goals. Write down either on papers and hang the papers where you can see easily on daily basis like bedroom mirror, dashboard, cupboard etc or set onto your devices like mobile reminder, which is a digital reminder. You can choose some pictures from magazines or newspapers of your dream body, fitness, health meal etc. And can use them to motivate you or keep you remind about your task or goal. Quote something like this “I have to be healthy, I have to change my lifestyle so, I can grow up my kids well or can live a better life and can help others” etc.

3. Portion Control

Now here is the main important part of your weight loss journey to reach your target in a healthy quick way. What is PORTION size? ” A Portion size is the amount of the food you actually eat”. In your journey to get dream body FIRST reduce your present portion size. How you can reduce or shrink it? “Serve in a smaller plate rather than serving in a bigger dish & you can also do this trick, If you are taking one bread piece then you’ve to  take half. For prefer serving use your plates to fill 50% of Fruits & Veggies, 25% Proteins and 25% Carbs. Use your hands to measure the Serving Size of your portion like “A single palm size for woman and double for man”. The larger your plate size is the more you gain weight and may overeat.

4. Exercise

Exercise contribute to daily energy expenditure, which is the number of kilo joules a person burns. It helps in weight loss, reduce stress, makes you happy, boosts your mood, makes skin healthy & bones stronger though exercise has unlimited benefits. When it comes to loss weight than its more important to know that what type of exercise will help you burn more calories. To lose weight you have to burn more calories than you eat. Intensity+frequency and duration are key factors to estimate the amount of burned kilo joules.   If you can not go to a GYM then do at home. Find a partner to do exercise or walk because sometimes walking or doing any work with friends makes you happy. To take a start on your weight loss journey you can start by walking and then move further to aerobics+cardio or Jillian Michael. Jillian Michael’s shred is very effective in weight loss and you can visit my workout guide too, which is available in picture form too. Leslie mile walk also helps a lot in regard to lose weight, its a good news for those who can not do cardio or Jillian Michael’s shred can do this easily. 

5. Meal Planning

Plan your meals in advance so you can focus on your weight loss journey in a better way. When you are going on your journey to cut those extra pounds from your body than its important and compulsory for you to follow a proper nutrition rich, healthy, stomach, mood and specially budget friendly. Only a certified weight loss planner can guide you and can design a perfect plan for you. Never try a plan as per your own (risk) because it can lead you to serious nutrition deficiencies and can cause other health issues. Its easy for you to find out a plan on social media like some facebook groups or any other source but my sincere and strict advice for you kindly if you love yourself then don’t do such strict diets. Those will make you gain weight again plus shrunken your stomach also. To go on diet average females needs 1400-1600 calories per day to lose weight and average males needs 1800-2000 calories.

6. Cut Back

In your weight loss journey you have to cut back on all types of junk food, fast food, baked items, factory foods included soft drinks. All of above are high in pessimal kind of fats, which can be contain of harmful bacteria and having adverse effect on one’s health. when you eat such kinda food on regular basis it puts your body towards obesity. Fast foods having much extra sodium too which replaces enriched healthy nutritious meals and leads human body towards many problems like early puberty, poor health, hormonal changes, high blood pressure, heart diseases etc. They may have chemicals also. While eating junk food can put your body in serious health & wellness problems like certain types of cancer, chronic inflammation, high sugar, stomach bloating, weight gain etc. During baking process most of the nutrients destroyed. Meal planning is a best solution for this purpose of being healthy and fit.  

7. Keep A Food Record

A food record is a measurement of foods and drinks that we take in a whole day. You also can write down recipe ingredients, cooking methods and grocery list. Don’t rely on your memory enough to do it at the end of the day so, do it now. For this purpose keep your diary with you all the time. This diary can be purchased from stationary shop or you can choose digital system like My Fitness Pal.. Keep this thing in mind that your diary should have enough space to write down all of the stuff like date, time, dish name, meal menu, recipe ingredients, cooking method+duration, portion and serving size even nibbles of food which you eat during meal preparation, water intake, all liquids and snacks which you take in a whole day. Now a days food journaling is very famous way, so , you can use an app as an alternative of a paper diary. 

8. Increase Physical Activity

The people who don’t do exercise or have a less physical activity level are more likely to gain weight than active peoples. Physical active people reduce their risk of obesity and other diseases by doing exercise, yoga and other workouts on regular basis. Lack of exercise can cause depression, mood swings, anxiety, may increase the risk of certain cancers, etc. According to an article published on Web-MD lack of exercise is deadlier than obesity. “An article published on NHS.uk website says, that heart is basically a muscle it needs exercise to keep body fit. Being physically inactive doubles your risk of coronary heart disease”. If you cannot go outside then you can start at home, your own gym. For this you need to buy gym mat, dumbbells, jumping rope, kettle bell, medicine ball, pull up bar,  rings, barbell, weight plates and bench as per my suggestions. All of above are a worthy investment to build own gym but first find a spare room for this. If you have garage then you can do there or having an extra space in your bedroom then it’s a good option. Keep your essential equipment there and get right techniques to do it. If you are not willing to buy all at once then buy one by one and complete. Now I’m moving to discuss the main part of this topic about physical activity that to lose weight start from walk one hour per day and increase it 5 minutes per day. Then start one by one other aerobic and cardio with it like cycling, swimming, jumping jacks, push ups, planks, squats, chair dips, crunches, jogging etc. At a beginner level start from 10 minutes per day then gradually increase the timings 1 minute per day. Note: if you face any kind of a pain during or after exercise then consult with a doctor first and leave that one. Choose your exercise wisely which you can perform without harming your body. Your posture is important for doing physical activity. After a Cesarean you have to wait minimum 3 months to perform light exercise and maximum 8-10 months, so, your wound may heal properly. 

9. Self Monitoring

Self-Monitoring is a helpful way of losing weight. Many successful weight losers do it. It helps you to know your health behaviors and can help in tracking your progress towards weight loss. In this process you need to keep measurements of your body, so, you can become aware of your inches (either you are losing inches too with body weight or not), self-weighing a second step, you may weight (some says once a week or after a month) twice in morning and evening naked if possible or lighter clothes & with empty stomach (through this you can keep an eye of your those extra pounds), third step is write down your weekly report about food record, exercise, in-out calories. You can choose to write on paper diary or an electronic device. Note: for body measurements you need to measure 

Bust: Don’t pull the measuring tape tight and measure around the chest just right at the nipple line.

Chest: Measure just under the bust.

Waist: For females measure at narrowest place and for males measure at navel.

Hips: For females measure at the widest part of the body and for males measure at hip bones. 

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